An Archive of Brightness

Image of book cover for An Archive of Brightness: three crows stare off at a moon in a black and white image.

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Two stoic lobstermen harboring a secret affection. A lonely architect building houses and machines from the exoskeletons of scorpions in a desert town. A girl painfully growing into new wings. A flock of crows and an untidy vulture observe and collect these moments of human tenderness as they build an archive of brightness. Each love story becomes, in its own way, the end of a world—and the beginning of a new one.

Advance Praise for An Archive of Brightness

“A beautifully shaped, poetic book. Socha’s writing is witty but never shallow, with a crow’s eye for detail and an archivist’s eye for the unexpected meanings that come to the surface of a story when you shake it. She is bold, unpredictable, and a writer to watch.”

—Isaac Fellman, author of Lambda Literary Award-winning novel The Breath of the Sun

“The perfect hurricane of rich folklore. Socha has woven together a lawless assortment of experiences, telling a story of queerness, mundanity, and a murder (of crows).”

—Matthew Vesely, author of Elegy for the Undead

“Socha’s intimate and sharp-witted musings give staying power to the ephemera of our individual and collective experiences. As sincerely human as it is philosophical, An Archive of Brightness brings insight and depth to the small details of life that are only disguised as ordinary.”

—Caitlin Chung, author of Ship of Fates

“Readers who embrace the nontraditional format will be rewarded with clever wordplay and quiet philosophy. The result is a quirky tribute to the messy, often world-changing experience of love.”

—Publisher’s Weekly